Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Most of our days begin when Cruz wakes up.  If you read our blog often then you will know that it usually is very early.  Lately, though, he has been sleeping later.  By later I mean until 6:30- 6:45.  That is late to us, haha.  On Christmas morning he slept until 6:50!  Wow!  I was up, dressed, and waiting on him before he even woke up.  We had to wake Ben up too so we could all go open gifts together. 
Ben waking up on Christmas morning

We then headed into our living room to open gifts.  Here is a short video of Cruz when he saw his gifts.  He noticed his bicycle right away.

Cruz had asked for balloons for Christmas.  I had several blown up and tossed around the room.  Ben was more interested in them than the gifts.

Since we now have a bathtub for the first time since moving to Guatemala we decided to get the boys some bath toys for Christmas.  They have had so much fun this week playing with their new toys in the tub!

Cruz got a lasso that we brought him back from the States.

He also got new boots that he LOVES!

Cruz wearing his new Batman costume and new boots while trying out his new bike.

After unwrapping everything and then cleaning the room up I decided to take a few photos of all their gifts.

Cruz got an Elmo car seat cover.  We got Ben a monogrammed hooded pool towel to match his brothers.  He also got a Sesame Street pillowcase in his name like his brothers.  You can see a few of their books, markers, tub toys, Cruz's rope, and bicycle.

They got finger paints, Sesame Street toothbrushes, boots, and some lace-up activity things that are good for motor skills.  I plan to use them mostly when eating out in restaurants to keep those little hands busy. 

Cruz got a Sesame Street kids cookbook.  He loves helping me in the kitchen.  He got several Crayola mess free Color Wonder books and markers.  He got a t-ball set, and a Batman costume.  There were a few more little things as well.

Afterwards I cooked and we ate breakfast.  We always eat French toast on Christmas morning.  I make it up the night before and let it sit all night.  All I have to do the next morning is put it on the griddle.  It's fast and easy.  This year I added some bacon to our meal.

After breakfast it was more play time.  Ben got this new toy. He loves chewing on the balls.

Our Christmas lunch consisted of turkey, carrot souffle, homemade macaroni and cheese, green beans, sweet tea, and pecan pie.  It was delicious!  I did most of the prep cooking the day before so I only had to assemble everything and pop it in the oven. 

We ate lunch and then all four took a nap.  It was much needed!  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and then shot fireworks again that night with our neighbors.  We ended the day with another reading of the Christmas story and singing a few carols before calling it a night.  It had been a very fun day for all of us!

Our sweet boys on Christmas day

We hope each of you had a blessed Christmas season as well.
Happy New Year from our little family to yours!

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  1. Yes, all those aisles of pretty, color-coordinated storage containers are tempting, but the cost can also add up.


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