Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebrating In Copan

David spent Wednesday and Thursday of last week in Honduras at the Agricultural Center.  He taught Bible stories each night.  He drove back home on Thursday night when he finished and we were all glad to see him.  It was the final weekend of the six week course we are helping with there. 
David and the boys when he returned home on Thursday night.

On Friday we all traveled back over together.  I knew trying to take the kids the whole time would be too much so we just went for Friday and Saturday.  When David travels over alone he stays with our friend and partner Dan Watson.  He has a spare room with an air mattress on the floor.  It's not a place we would want to stay with our kids so David found us a hotel to stay at.  We drove over, checked in, and then headed to a local coffee shop that David loves.  It is called Cafe Welchez.
David and Cruz placing our order.

I ordered a Maya Frozen and a piece of carrot cake.  We got Cruz a tropical smoothie.  I am not sure what all was in my drink but it was YUMMY!  So much so that we went back later that night just so I could get another one.  I am certain it is loaded with caffeine because I was pretty wired up the rest of the night.

After our coffee and dessert we walked over to the Central Park to people watch and let Cruz run around. 

That night we drove out to the Ag Center so David could do his Bible study.  We arrived in time to eat with the students.  I had plugged my batteries in to charge and went off and forgot them along with my camera.  I felt lost the whole time we were gone. Rarely am I ever without my camera!  Dan took the photo below of David teaching.
They had challenged the students to share a Bible story they had learned with at least one person before they came back this time.  When David asked them how many had done it eight out of thirteen raised their hands.  He was happy that at least half of them did.  We have all been pleased with how the Bible storying part of the training has gone.  I think the students enjoyed it a lot.

On Saturday morning both boys slept until almost 7 which meant David and I got to sleep in also.  When I woke up and looked at the clock I could not believe how late it was.  I have usually done half a days work by 7. haha  We ate breakfast and then headed back out to the Ag Center for the graduation service.  I had us take a family photo in front of the hotel Christmas tree before we left.  I am always eager to take family photos.  I love them! 
our little family in Copan, Honduras

Obando and Mauricio both work at the Ag Center and teach a lot of the courses.  We have enjoyed getting to know them.  They always love on our boys so much. 

This is Dan getting things started.

When the students arrived on Wednesday they were told to divide into groups of four and each group was to pick a story that they had learned over the past six weeks and be prepared to act it out in drama during the graduation service.  They did a fantastic job with it! 
One group did "Jesus eats with sinners"

One group did "The temptation of Jesus"

One group did "Jesus heals a paralyzed man"

One group did "Jesus heals on the Sabbath"

There was a time for each of the leaders (Dan, David, Mauricio, and Obando) to give closing remarks.  They also let each student have a time to share and reflect on their experience.  It was good to hear the positive things each one had to say.  Afterwards each student was presented a certificate and a Bible. Dan handed these out. 
They were very proud to get both. 

All of the students with their certificates and Bibles.

We had dessert before everyone left to go home.  It was a nice celebration time.

Dan joined us back in Copan for lunch before we drove back to Guatemala.  We ate at Jim's Pizza which is a favorite of ours.

We plan to get some photos developed and make a follow up visit to the village soon after Christmas.  We plan to talk more with them at that time about continuing our Bible study time together.  We will return there mid-January with Dan to talk more about the next steps with the agriculture program.  We look forward to seeing how the Lord is going to work in the village of Lagunetas in the coming year.

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  1. I just love how GOd is opening doors throughout the Chorti area using so many different avenues. I am excited too as I anticipate how God will open wide the door in Laguentas using the agricultural project. Excited too as I anticipate His using the young people in Laguentas to reach other areas. Can you believe that three works are have really begun in these two years? God has a heart for these people and I am so glad that we all get to be a part of His working!


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