Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ben's 8 Month Update

Our baby Ben turned 8 months old today!
He is growing up way too fast.
*   He weighs 16 pounds
*   He is wearing 6-9 month clothes
*   He wears size 2 shoe
*   He wears size 2 diaper
*   He has light brown/ reddish hair and blue/ gray eyes

*   He is still nursing
*   He loves solid foods!  He is a good eater.  So far he eats everything I feed him.  He loves bananas and sweet potatoes.  His least favorites are green beans and avocado although he will eat them.
*   He nurses four times a day and eats three solid meals.  He wakes up once during the night to nurse- usually between 3 and 4 a.m.  He eats breakfast around 8.  He eats lunch around noon.  He nurses around 5 and then eats solids around 8:00 before going to bed.
*   He has started blowing when I feed him which usually ends up with both of us being covered in food.
*   We introduced him to a sippie cup this month.  He has not quite figured it out yet, but loves chewing on it
*    On a good night he will sleep up to 8 hours, but not longer than that.  Many nights he will wake up and cry out.  I wish he slept through the night better.
*   I love that he will go to sleep on his own.  We just lay him in the bed, he will play a while, and then lay down and go to sleep.  I do not think I have ever rocked him to sleep.  When he gets sleepy he prefers to be put in bed and left alone. 
*  This month we changed him from taking 3 naps a day to only 2.  We cut out his early evening catnap.  He usually naps from 9-11ish and then again in the afternoon from 2-4ish.  He is a good napper.
*   He still sucks his left thumb and sleeps holding a burp cloth.

*  This past month he celebrated his first Thanksgiving.  We spent it in Panajachel, Guatemala with our IMB mission family.  We took a boat ride across Lake Attitlan on Good Friday to visit the town of Santiago.  The boat ride soothed him to sleep.
*   He loves looking in the mirror at himself.  He just smiles and coos.  When I get him out of the tub each night we always spend a few minutes looking in the bathroom mirror.  He loves it!
*   He loves playing with and chewing on empty plastic water/ Coke bottles.  Cruz did also.
*   Everything goes straight to his mouth.
*   He has started putting his feet in his mouth and sucking on his toes.

*  He is officially on the move!  This past month he started crawling.  He was 7 months and 20 days old.  He is fast and on the go.  He loves being mobile, and is already trying to follow his big brother around.
*   He is also pulling up
*   He loves being in the walker and scooting around.
*   He likes his jumper swing also.
*   We lowered his crib mattress this month.  He now pulls up on the rail and looks around his room.
*   He is crazy about our Christmas tree and when in the living room always tried to get to it.  He will pull off every ornament his little hands can reach.

*   He has started saying ma ma ma ma.  He babbles a lot.
*   He loves balls
*   We have not noticed any signs of teeth coming in, but he definitely seems to be hitting the moody teething stage.  He can get very fussy!
*   He smiles a lot and overall is a happy, easy going baby.  Lately he has started smiling with his mouth wide open.  It is so cute.

He is a joy and a precious gift from God!
We are thankful to be his mom and dad.

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