Monday, November 19, 2012

The Weekend

On Friday we drove home from Guatemala City.  It is a four hour drive.  David dropped us off, unloaded the car, and then drove a little over an hour more to Honduras to attend session 3 of the institute taking place there.  He could not attend on Thursday night because of our other meeting we were in, but planned to be there to teach on Friday night.  He drove over, ate supper, did his Bible study, and then drove back home.  He took things to stay overnight in case it went late, but he ended up coming home anyway.  He was pretty tired that night!  Here are a few photos from a recent session-

We will take this week off so that us North Americans can celebrate Thanksgiving, and will pick back up in December.  The training is half way over.  We have three more sessions to go.  Please continue to keep this project in your prayers.

I have decided to start a tradition of letting the boys decorate their own Christmas tree each year.  I have a small 3 foot tree that I will use for them.  This is Cruz's first year to really be able to participate.  I will let him make and color ornaments to hang on the tree.  I look forward to seeing it expand as the boys grow.  I put it up on Saturday morning.  So far we have made a paper garland and colored a few ornaments.  We'll do more after our Thanksgiving travels.
He is a little excited about Christmas this year.  haha  Having our two boys is going to make holidays like Christmas a lot more fun!

On Saturday night we watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  That is another tradition we started last year.    
Ben watching Charlie Brown

We also spent a little time just playing in the floor.  I love family time. 

On Sunday morning David returned to the village of Nearar for Bible study.  It was his first time to be back since our trip to the States.  He had a good turnout.  They met for the first time in the new building.  

We spent the rest of the day packing for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip.  We will be traveling to Panajachel to spend the holiday with our IMB mission family.  We look forward to a good time together and enjoying views like this-

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