Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

Our Thanksgiving day began pretty early.  It was 5:02 a.m. to be exact.  We had let Cruz stay up late the night before and it never fails when we do that he gets up extra early.  I wish that was not the case, but it is.  Always!  He waited patiently for the sun to come up and when it did he pulled back the curtains to let us know it.  He thinks when the sun comes up he is supposed to rise as well.  Here he is below looking out the window bright and early Thanksgiving morning exclaiming real excitedly "Look mama!  It's really pretty".  He was referring to the yard at our mission house in Panajachel.  The yard is really nice and has lots of pretty flowers.  He might act a lot like his daddy, but he takes after his mama too, haha.
Cruz looking out the window of our bedroom.

The rest of the families began arriving mid-morning.  We each took turns in the kitchen cooking our dishes.   
Noemi and Karen setting all of the desserts out.

Jo and Gini in the kitchen

Cruz, Jeff, Jerry, and Gary

David and David (we have another David also but he was in the States)

I took a lot of pictures of the boys 

This was Cruz's favorite thing about Thanksgiving.  Margie brought this sucker holder.  I think Cruz ate at least half of them during the time we were there.  He would tell me, "Cruz need candy, mama".

We ate lunch around noon.  We had a large, delicious meal.   
some of our group eating lunch

Somehow I was able to work it so that both boys napped right after lunch.  Considering the fact that our day started so early I was glad they did.  That meant I got to nap also.  The boys both slept about 2.5 hours and I napped/ rested for about 2.  It was definitely something I was thankful for.  I needed that!  Most of the women went to the market to shop during that time, and the men watched t.v.
Later in the afternoon many of us enjoyed a game of Phase 10.  Fun!

Many of the men played Rook. 

Others watched football or movies.  Here Cruz is enjoying Milo and Otis that Carol gave him.

The guys (and a few girls) played their annual game of football.

The ladies took a break from cards to cheer them on.

Let's just say that Cruz was not the only one sporting a black eye for Thanksgiving.  Football is definitely a contact sport, lol.

After eating leftovers for supper we all hung out together that night.  There was more games, more football, and more playing.  Noemi taught many of the ladies how to do the salsa.  The rest of us sat back and laughed while watching them.  They were fun entertainment. 

We had a really fun day.  It was good being with our mission family and getting to share the holiday with them.  It is always hard at holiday times to be away from our families so it is good that we have each other to celebrate with.

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