Monday, November 19, 2012

Team Building

We returned home on Friday from our team meeting.  We had a good time together with our other IMB families who work with Indigenous groups.  We spent a lot of time encouraging and praying for each other.  We all had time to share about our current work.  We shared highs and lows from this past year.   We shared ideas of how each of us could handle situations we are facing.  We talked about the past year and discussed ideas for the year to come.  Our organization requires each of us to write goals for the year ahead.  Each month we have to report what we are doing to meet those goals.  At the end of the year we meet with our supervisor to go over our goals and see how we have done for the year.  It is a time to see where me might need to make improvements and areas where we are doing good.  We were able to complete our end of the year reviews while there.  We will now spend the next few weeks writing goals for 2013. 

Overall it was a good meeting and we enjoyed the fellowship we had with the other families.  Here are a few more photos from our time together-
I bought Cruz this wooden horse.  I love collecting these painted animals for him.  It was his souvenir from the trip.

We all ate breakfast at Burger King one morning.  Here are the boys going down the slide.  Ben loved it!

All of our meetings were outside.  During one of our sessions we turned around to see this little guy hanging out on the post behind us. 

Cruz and Roger looking at the fish.

Cruz "playing pool" with Caleb and Daniel.  When I went to get him he said, "no mommy, I stay and play with the boys".  I guess he is already getting to big for his mama.  He had SOO much fun hanging out with these two.  They were very good with him.  We were thankful for everyone who pitched in and helped take care of our boys. 

Me and my sweet boys.  Life with these two is just plain fun!

Our last afternoon there Cruz did not want to swim.  He said he just wanted to put his feet in the water so I did not change his clothes.  Well, it was not long before he was completely wet from head to toe.  He finally just got in and played.  He spent over an hour with Caleb and Daniel "getting his feet wet". haha

Our group photo.  We were doing our cheesy smiles. 
L-R: Our family- we work with the Chorti, the Thomas family who work with the Pokomchi, the Stone family who work with the Mam, the Grossman family who work with the Quiche, and Alan Lyons who is our supervisor serving in Mexico. 

Cruz and Carol
Carol is a fellow IMB missionary who serves in Guatemala City.  She came along to help with our kids while we were in the meetings.  We are thankful for her and all of her help.  She was a blessing.

Roger and Vicki

Lily and Gary

Carol and the boys at our lunch stop on the way back into Guatemala City.

We are thankful for a wonderful mission family who love and encourage us so much.

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