Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Black Friday 2012

Cruz made sure we got an early start to our Thanksgiving day and did the same for our Friday.  The only exception was that Friday started about 12:30 a.m. for us.  That was the first time he woke us up vomiting.  He continued off and on until about 5:30 in the morning.  Ben woke up to eat around 2:00 and again at 6:00.   As you can imagine we got very little sleep that night!  I got up feeling like I had been run over.  I was tired, real tired.   

We had made plans to cross the lake and eat lunch in one of the surrounding towns but needed to wait to see how Cruz was going to be feeling.  Thankfully he did not get sick anymore, and other than being tired you would not know he felt bad.  We think it must have been something he ate and once he got it off his stomach he felt better.  I am glad it was nothing viral! 

We had not taken our group photo yet so we did that first thing Friday morning before everyone starting scattering for the day.  Some were going across the lake, some were going shopping in the market, and some just planned to lay low and rest (I should have been in that group, haha).  Below is our annual Thanksgiving photo.  Ben is missing because he was napping.
Our IMB mission family
We were missing several families who are currently in the States. 

The MK's (missionary kids)  Ben is the youngest and Jessi (in the green) is the oldest.  They all did a great job of helping us with the kids.  We were thankful for all the love and attention they gave to both Cruz and Ben over the holiday.  Cruz thinks they are all just the coolest things ever and followed their every move. 

After taking pictures we joined the group that was going across the lake.  Our mission house is not on the water but is a few blocks away.  We all walked down together to catch a boat.  Here we all are trying to negotiate a price for the boat.

This lady kept trying to get us to buy something from her.  Ben decided he liked her hair piece and grabbed a hold of it.  Poor lady, he was pulling hard.

The boat dock in Panajachel

It is so pretty in this part of Guatemala!

Our group about to board the boat.

Leaving Panajachel headed to Santiago for lunch

a few of the MK's on the boat

Ben's first trip across Lake Attitlan.  He loved it!

The MK's got to take turns driving the boat.  Here's Jessi at the wheel.  I love how the real boat driver is not even paying attention.  He's probably checking his facebook, haha.

David and I with a sleeping Cruz.  He slept most of the trip over.

The boat ride to Santiago is about 30 minutes.  Once we docked we got out and caught a tuk tuk to El Pescador restaurant.  Here is our family in the tuk tuk.

My little family at lunch.  It was our first time to eat there and we really loved it.  I am sure we'll be back.

They are known for their fish plates.  This is David's plate.  He had whole fish, steamed veggies, rice, guacamole, and tortillas.  

Noemi, Lily, me, and Carol after lunch. 

Since Cruz slept most of the way going over he was really hyped up about the return trip.  You can see from his face that he really loved being in the boat.  He was enjoying himself!

And sweet little Ben slept all the way back.

We returned to our mission house in Pana, loaded our car, and headed back into Guatemala City for the night.  I think we were the only family not staying Friday night.  We were sad to leave everyone (because we had such a great time being together), but we needed to start making our way back home so we could be back in the village for Bible study on Sunday morning. 

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun.  We got to spend it with some great people, and in a beautiful place.We are blessed with such a great mission family!

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