Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flying Back To Guatemala 2012

We flew back to Guatemala last Friday.  Our flight left at 6:00 a.m. so that meant we were up at 3:30 to get ready and drive to the airport.  David's mama drove us there.  We are thankful that she gets up that early and goes with us.  We were tired in general but having to get up that early and travel with two small kids was completely exhausting.  Thankfully they both did good on the flights.  Cruz got a little rowdy on the longer flight from Houston to Guatemala City but it was only because he got sleepy.  Once he took a nap he was good to go.
our family at the Jackson, MS airport

Cruz found this toy at one of the gates and had a lot of fun playing with it.  It helped pass a lot of time while we waited to board our flight.

We had no trouble getting through security, thankfully.  We also had no trouble bringing back our new jogging stroller.  We were expecting to have to check it and pay second baggage fees but they let us pass with it and check it at the gate.  That meant we could have checked another bag and paid the second baggage fee.  We were bummed to realize that because we wanted to bring back a car seat for Ben and could have done that for only $40.00!  Ugh!  Now we will just have to find him one here.

Me and the boys on the flight from Jackson to Houston.  We all four slept on the flight.

We didn't pull up to a gate in Houston and had to get off the plane outside.  We waited to be the last ones off since we had small kids.  The pilot noticed Cruz and played with him for a minute as we were getting off.  I asked to take a photo of him and Cruz beside the plane.   Cruz really enjoyed getting to fly this year.  He was big enough to understand it a little more.  He is already asking to go on the plane again. 

David and Cruz in Houston waiting to board our second flight.

The boys in the Guatemala City airport- all smiles on a long travel day.

We had a lot of baggage with us and could not all fit into one taxi so we took two taxis from the airport to our mission house.  Ben and I rode in one and David rode in the other with Cruz.  It did not take me long to remember just how different driving in Guatemala is from driving in the States.  Yikes!

We returned to our mission house in time for lunch.  We ordered delivery from Pollo Campero.   I love the next two photos of Cruz.  He waited at the gate with David for the guy to bring our food.  He wanted to see the motorcycle that the delivery guy would be driving.  When the food came he wanted to carry it into the house.  He has become such a big helper to us! 

After eating and a little rest we headed to Ben's six month well baby check-up.  I will post about that later in the week.  The Parker's were also staying at the mission house that night.  We were glad to get to see them and visit for a short while.  We all went out to eat at IHOP that night.  It was soo good to see them and catch up in person. 
Mr. Wendall, Mrs. Jane, Ben, and Cruz

A group photo of all of us on Saturday morning before we drove back to our home.

It was a long 4 hour drive back to Camotan on Saturday morning.  We had several delays for construction.  We were glad to get back though and start the process of getting readjusted.

On Sunday our missionary friend Glynis came over to spend the day with us and help with the kids.  We were able to get all of our bags unpacked, all of our clothes washed, and most everything put away.  I was also able to cook supper before she had to leave.  It was a huge blessing to us! 
Cruz, Glynis, Ben, and me

We have spent the past few days just getting settled back in and trying to turn our focus back to our work. 
We have a lot of things coming up and we are trying to get prepared for them.  We loved our time in the States and hope you have enjoyed reading about all of our fun adventures there.  We cannot wait to do it again next year!

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