Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clowning Around

On Sunday afternoon a missionary friend in our area invited Cruz to go with her to help pass out fliers for her upcoming VBS.  She had several kids from her church help also.  They all dressed up as clowns.  She loaned Cruz an outfit and wig to wear.  He looked really cute! 
Cruz getting invited meant I got to tag along too.  I had just as much fun as he did.

They painted faces before we left.  He likes getting his face painted and will be very still while they do it.

Cruz and his sweet friend Susely.  He loves to play with her.

They divided into two groups.  One group went to Camotan and the other went to Jocotan.  We joined the Jocotan group.  Here are all the kids lining up to get ready to go. 

We rode in the back of a pickup truck.  Cruz and I went early to get in before the crowds came.  Here is a photo I snapped of the kids racing to get in the truck.  We filled it completely full!

We might not look like sardines but we felt like it. haha

Each kid was given several fliers and pieces of candy to hand out.  We passed out a lot along the road as we drove.  We stopped a few times and everyone got out and went door to door.
Here are a few of the kids going door to door.

Cruz's favorite part of the day (other than getting dressed up) was getting to ride in the back of the truck.  He loved the wind blowing in his hair and getting to see all around.  He just had fun! 

Cruz and Kimberley a.k.a. Abby to the kids 
She was so sweet to let Cruz be a part of their day

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