Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ben's Six Month Check-Up

The same day we flew back to Guatemala we had Ben's six month well baby checkup.  We needed to get it done before we drove four hours back to our home.  We flew back on a Friday so that afternoon was the only day we could do it.  We were tired, but we needed to get it done.  He got a good report and seems to be growing and developing well.  His height is above average, but his weight is below average.  He is just long and lean.  He eats good so we are not worried about it.

Cruz fell asleep on the way there so David stayed in the car with him and I took Ben in to see Dr. Figueroa.   They ended up coming in at the end of the appointment so we could all get flu shots.  We had planned to get them all along.   Our pediatrician told us that there had been a recent outbreak of Influenza B.  He had seen over 200 kids in the past week.  He said many schools were shut down in the capital area due to it.  I was glad we were getting our vaccine that day. 

Ben and I waiting to see the doctor

I cannot believe my baby is already 6 months old!

measuring his head

He is a little over 27 inches long

He weighs 14.8 pounds- I guess calling him Little Ben fits him well

getting checked out by Dr. Figueroa (whom we love)

He was very impressed at how active and alert Ben was.  We have noticed it too lately.  I hope it is not a sign that he is taking after his brother, haha.

His hearing is very good these days and we are very thankful for that!

Big Brother Cruz before he got his flu shot.  We promised him a sucker if he did well, and he did.  He'll do anything for candy these days.

I am glad that our boys are healthy and growing.  That is something I hope we never take for granted.

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