Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ben's 7 Month Update

Our little baby Ben recently turned 7 months old. 
He is just precious and we love him dearly!
*   He weighs 14.12 pounds
*   He has light brown hair and has just about lost all of his baby hair
*   He has blue/ gray eyes
*   He wears size 6 and some 6-9 month clothes
*   He wears size 2 shoe
*   He is long and lean

*   Overall he is a very happy baby.  He gets fussy when he is hungry or sleepy.
*   He is still nursing
*   He has started solid foods and LOVES it.  When he sees me getting the food out he starts screaming for it.  He will moan and grunt until I start to feed him.  He then gets very excited.  So far he has eaten rice and oatmeal cereal, apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, English peas, pumpkin, and green beans.  I wouldn't say he has a favorite yet because he eats it all very well.
*   He is still not sleeping through the night like I would like him to.  He still wakes up a few times and needs to be comforted back to sleep.  Many times it is because he has lost his towel.
*   He takes a morning and afternoon nap and then a short power nap before supper/ bath time.  He is a good napper.  He prefers to just be laid down when he gets sleepy- no rocking and no cuddling.  He's easy!

*   He still sucks his left them, especially when he is sleepy.
*   He likes to hold a burp cloth/ towel when he sleeps.  He doesn't have a favorite one.  Anyone will do.
*   He is army crawling and scooting all over the place.  He is not crawling yet, but is up on all fours, rocking.  It won't be long!
*   He is sitting up by himself.  He can go from a laying down position to a seated position.

*  He smiles a lot and laughs out loud often
*   He is chewing on everything
*   He loves being outdoors
*   He loves to be tickled

*   He loves his big brother and watches his every move (scary I know, haha)
*  He is getting more and more active with each passing day
*   He is extremely hard to get dressed and change his diaper because he will not be still
*   He travels well in the car and usually falls to sleep as soon as we pull away
*   He likes looking at the t.v. especially when cartoons are on
*   He loves music and for us to sing to him
*   He loves the water and gets real excited when he hears his bath water running.  He has a few squirter toys that he loves to chew on.  He takes a bath with his brother and they both like that way.

He is such a sweetie pie!  He adds a lot of fun to our family.  We are thankful the Lord gave him to us and we pray that we will raise him in a Godly way.

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