Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Almost There?

We left our house on Monday morning driving into Guatemala City.  It is normally about a four hour drive but because of road construction it took us close to six hours to get there.  It was a long morning in the car.  Cruz's new thing is to ask "almost there?"  We have heard that a lot over the past few days.

Once we arrived in Guatemala City we went straight to Pizza Hut to eat a late lunch.  We love Pizza Hut in Guatemala!  Most all American fast food places just seem to taste better here.  They also have much indoor play lands.  Cruz loves this particular one at Pizza Hut the best. 

Below are a few photos of Ben while there.  He is now big enough to start sitting in high chairs in restaurants.  It makes him look like such a big boy and I look at him and think "when did you get so big?" 

This one fits his personality perfect.  He doesn't just sit in the chair.  He likes to prop one foot up as shown above.  He is definitely a laid back/ chilled out little boy!

We stayed overnight in the Capital and then on Tuesday morning drove another 3+ hours to the town of Retalhuleu where we began a meeting/ retreat with our other IMB missionaries who work with Mayan groups here in Guatemala.  We caravaned with another family because we were not familiar with that part of the country and had no idea where we were going. 
We stopped near Esquintla at the Sarita's for a bathroom break and ice cream.  We shared a delicious banana split.  I love the volcano background in this photo.  It is a very picturesque area to stop at.

Since arriving and getting settled in we have spent a lot of time meeting, sharing, and praying.  It has been good so far. 
We have also had a little bit of R&R time and most everyone has been enjoying themselves in the pool.  This part of Guatemala is hot year round which makes for great times of fun in the sun.  I'll share more about our time together in our next post.

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