Monday, November 12, 2012

Agricultural Training- Session 2

This past weekend David took part in the second training session for our group from the village of Lagunetas.  We have ten participants and one village leader attending each week.  They sent a mixture of males and females.  It is a much younger group than Dan was expecting, but it is working out fine.  Dan sends one of his helpers over to pick them all up on Thursday afternoon and then takes them all back to Guatemala on Saturday when the training ends.  It is only about an hour away. 

They begin with supper on Thursday.  David will be doing his teaching in the evenings after their meal.  He will teach on Thursday night and then again on Friday night.  This week he surprised us and drove back home after he finished on Friday night.  I was shocked when I heard him open our gate and drive in.  He made it home just before I put the boys to bed.  Cruz got to see him for a minute and was very happy to have his daddy home.  I was too.

We will be traveling a good bit over the next two weeks (in addition to the training in Honduras) so I chose to not go this past weekend.  I think the boys and I will try to make some of the sessions during December when we do not have as much going on.

David took my camera but does not like to take photos like I do.  He only got me a few and I'll share them below.
the girl participants on the right

the boy participants on the left 

This is some of the group returning from some field training Friday afternoon.

I was thankful to have not been there when David told me what they ate for supper one night.  They killed and cooked several rabbits from the project to feed everyone. Rabbits are one of my favorite animals but I do not want to eat one, haha.  He said it was very good.  I am glad he enjoyed it. 

We appreciate your prayers for this ongoing project.  Pray for Dan, Mauricio, and Obando as they lead the agricultural sessions.  Pray for David as he prepares and teaches Bible stories each week.  Pray that he could build good relationships with those attending and that we could continue to study with them in their village after the agricultural training ends.  Session 3 begins Thursday afternoon.

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