Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Running On Empty

If you have been keeping up with our trip to the States you will know that we have been super BUSY!  It has been fun, but tiring.  We would not want it any other way though because we are only home once a year and we like to squeeze everything we can into our trips.  Here's a little update on what we have been up to lately-

Friday night David's Uncle Roger and Aunt Lisa took us to the fish house in Hazlehurst.  That is one meal we miss the most when in Guatemala.  We love fried catfish and all the trimmings!  His cousin Shane and his mama also joined us.  We saw many people there that we have not seen in a while.  It was fun catching up with people we love.
Uncle Roger and Ben

Saturday we had my family's picnic at the park and then I took Cruz to the Trunk or Treat that night.

We ate lunch at David's grandmother's house on Sunday.  They fixed roast, potatoes, and carrots.  That is one of my favorite meals.  We also had several other casserole's to go with it.  It was delicious!  After eating many of us went for a walk around town.  We stopped by the Dairy Freeze again for ice cream.  We had recently bought a new jogging stroller to take back to Guatemala and I got to try it out.  I'm loving it!
I took Cruz to another Trunk or Treat that afternoon and then we returned to our home church, Harmony Baptist, for the evening service.  David preached and shared a little about our work in Guatemala.  On our way home we ran into our friends the Brown's and ended up joining them for supper at McDonald's.  Cruz loved getting to play with Sara Madalin again. 

On Monday we left Cruz with his Memaw and we went to Jackson to do a little last minute shopping for things to take back to Guatemala.  That night we went to Copiah Academy to watch a little basketball.  They were having a game between the high school girls and some alumni.  Our niece Kaylie plays on the high school team and our friend Jackie played with the alumni.  It was fun getting to watch both of them.
Cruz and Kaylie

Tuesday we spent the whole day with my parents.  They came over early that morning to visit with the boys while we got some things done around the house and did a little packing.  We have enjoyed all the extra hands while we have been home!
my dad with Ben

my mom with Cruz

We all went to eat lunch at Porches.  As always it was delicious!  I realized during our meal that it was my last time to be there until our next trip home.  That made me a little sad.  It is by far my most favorite place to eat. 

While there we ran into a facebook friend, Libby.  She is from McComb and knows David's dad.  We became friends on facebook and keep up regularly.  She likes to know what is going on with us and how to pray for us.  It was the first time for us to meet face to face although I feel like I have known her for years.  I love how facebook brings people together.
me, Libby, and Cruz

That night David's sister Robin took Cruz home to play for a while so we decided to go out to eat.  We took Ben and drove to Hazlehurst to eat at the Mexican restaurant.  It has been so wonderful having family watch our kids so we can go places and do things (especially go out to eat).  We never get to do that in Guatemala so that makes it an extra special treat while we are home. 

Other than all of that we have been crazy busy trying to get things packed and ready to go.  We fly back to Guatemala on Friday.  It is going to be a sad few days coming up.  It is always terribly hard leaving family and now that we have kids it is probably one of the hardest things we do each year.  Would you pray for us as we leave and transition back to our other home?

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