Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pampering Myself

On Monday I spent the day shopping with my mom.  It is rare that I buy anything for myself anymore.  If I do get to go shopping I usually only look at things for the kids.  There were a few clothing items I was needing to buy to take back to Guatemala and I found many of them that day.  I was tickled to find several $1.97 racks in Belks.  I bought many things there, and it felt good.  I left Cruz with David for obvious reasons and took Ben with us.  He is nursing so leaving him is not an option.  He is so easy though that we hardly knew he was with us.  We spent most all of the day together just looking at any and every thing I wanted to see.  Oh, it was nice, and relaxing, and stress free... you get the point. 
We ate lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

My mom helped feed Ben some fruit.  He is loving solid foods!

After that long day of shopping my mom insisted she treat me to a pedicure.  I didn't argue, haha.  She strolled Ben around the mall while I sat in that massage chair and got my feet pampered.  It was such a fun day!  Days like that used to be a regular occurrence for my mom and I, and I miss them terribly while we are gone.

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