Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Visit With The Harper's

We recently stopped by the Harper's for a visit.  They live in Hazlehurst.  I have known them all my life.  Mr. Jimmy's mama is in the nursing home where my mom works.  She loves taking care of Nannie Harper.  Because of their relationship (my mom and Nannie) it has helped all of us form a sweet friendship.  Mrs. Cathye loves keeping up with the boys and looks forward to seeing them each year when we come home.  We made plans to drop by so they could spend a little time loving on the boys.
me and the boys with Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Cathye

Mrs. Cathye, Ben, and Cruz

We visited a while inside and then Mr. Jimmy took Cruz out to let him play, swing, and run around in their huge yard.  I think they both had fun doing that.
They have the cutest play house that they built for their grandkids.  Cruz enjoyed playing in it.

He fixed himself a meal and had a grand 'ol time, haha

Mrs. Cathye made both boys a fall shirt with their names on them.  She also made them the sweetest little Bibles.  I thought they were soo precious and will treasure them forever.
She made them out of old handkerchiefs.  They are small and perfect for their little hands.  Each one has their names on the front and she even added a little cowboy to Cruz's.  I love that!

The backs of the Bibles
Cruz's says "Jesus loves me this I know.. for the Bible tells me so..."  and Ben's says "Jesus loves the little children".   Sweet!

Inside view

I am glad we got to see them!

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