Monday, October 1, 2012

It Was Simple, But Sweet

Sunday we returned to the village of Nearar to lead Bible study.  David went by himself that morning.   They had a good study.  Some in the village are beginning to recognize Reyes (the man of the house) as a leader and believer. A lady came and asked him to pray over her sick daughter.  That might not seem like much but considering the area it is a good step.  We are seeing a lot of spiritual growth in Reyes.  Pray that the Lord would continue to work in his life and use him to be a witness there.

Bro. Nahum and a few from his church in Honduras have traveled over a few times during the past two weeks to work more on the church building.  They have made a lot of progress.  Here are a few photos-
This is what it looked like two weeks ago...

and this was this past Sunday.

They have put walls up and poured a concrete floor.

It will not be long and there will be weekly studies held here.  Pray that this "church" would be a lighthouse in the community.

The kids and I joined him for the afternoon study on the other side of the mountain.  We got a call that morning from a fellow missionary, James, asking if he could tag along with us.  He and his wife, Joy, had eaten supper with us on Saturday and we talked about the work we were doing there.  He wanted to go and make a visit with us.
David, Ben, Cruz, and James

My boys on the trail.

James brought his mandolin and led us in a few praise songs.


Cruz making friends.  Isn't she precious!

Me and Ben

Reyes hiked over and joined us as well.  When it got time to do the Bible story David asked Reyes to tell about the story he had learned in the morning.  David had told the story and reviewed it once with them.  Reyes was able to tell it almost word for word.  Afterwards he added in some of his own testimony and lots of words of encouragement to the family.  He did such a great job that we just let that be the lesson for the day.  David was very proud of him.  We then asked James to play "There Is Power In The Blood" and we sang along and then closed in prayer.  It was simple, but sweet.

Once we left we decided to drive on in to Chiquimula and eat supper at McDonald's.  It was a fun way to end a good day.


  1. It just brings tears to my eyes. How precious to see the growth and power in Reyes. God is definitely at work! Hallelujah!

  2. I LOVE reading you blogs!! :) This is awesome news about the Church and Reyes!


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