Sunday, October 28, 2012

He's A Cowboy At Heart

On Friday morning we visited my cousins place so Cruz could see all of his horses.  He was soo excited about going.  My cousin owns many horses and trains horses for a living.  He's a professional cowboy and I knew my little cowboy would love being with him.  I was right.  I think he would move there if we would let him.  He had so much fun!
Cruz with my cousin Terrell.  We call him T.D. 

Look at that face!  He was having fun.

Little Ben enjoyed seeing and petting the horses also.

T.D. taught Cruz how to pull on the reigns to make the horse back up and turn around in circles.

He even got to "drive" the tractor.

He saw those ropes and ran right over to them.  He wanted to lasso something.

We had fun just watching him enjoy himself.

My Aunt Nita (T.D.'s mom), Cruz and me

T.D., Cruz, Ben, and me
What a fun morning we all had!

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