Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eating Good

I am not sure if it's the cold, the time change, or what but we are having a difficult time getting up and going in the mornings.  It seems as though the morning is gone before we even get started good.  Our niece Larsen was out of school on Monday so Memaw wanted to keep her and Cruz and let them play together.  It worked out good because we needed to go to Brookhaven and get David's drivers license renewed.  They expired back in August on his birthday.  I've been doing all of the driving since we returned home so now he can take back over that duty. 

After getting that done we stopped by the Super Walmart.  It was my first visit since returning home.  I cannot believe it took me four days to get there, haha.  David took Ben in his cart and that freed me up to walk around by myself and look at everything I wanted to see.  It was nice!  I found several things on my list I needed to pick up while home.  David patiently let me shop for as long as he could stand it and then we had to go.  I could have stayed in there all day.  I am looking forward to another trip soon.

We stopped by the Krystal for lunch.  We love those little burgers!

We picked up Cruz just in time for him to take an afternoon nap.  We returned home and he slept for two hours.  Ben slept during that time as well which means we all got to rest a bit. 

Later that afternoon we went to my mom's house.  She had planned to do a shrimp boil for us.  She knows that we love boiled shrimp and decided to cook some for us.  It was delicious!  She boiled potatoes and corn on the cob with it as well.  We also had a Hershey's pie which I love.  We ate until we felt sick.  There was a marathon of America's Funniest Home Videos on.  I LOVE that show and could watch it all day long.  It is always something I look forward to watching when we are in the States.  It was just a fun night. 
my mom and I with the boys

Mimi and Ben

my boys

Ms. Marzell came over to see us also.  I always enjoy getting to visit with her.

our little family

yummy, yummy, yummy!

We are definitely enjoying some good meals while home!

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