Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Full, Fun-Filled Weekend

Friday after we got home from the fair we picked up a few pizzas and headed back over to the Brown's house to eat and visit.  It was a nice evening so we let the kids play outside for a little while.  They have a beautiful home on a lake.  They built a sandbar area for Sara Madalin to play in and she and Cruz spent a little time there.  I am glad they are getting to play together on this trip.  I just wish they would let their parents visit a little more.  We spend all of our time watching and refereeing them, haha.  Here are a few photos of them playing together-
I could not get a single photo of either of them looking at the camera.

They were way too busy playing to take pictures. 

I love his face here.  He is all-boy until his hands, feet, or shoes get dirty.  Then he goes nuts.

On Saturday morning we had another visit from Candice.  She is one of our former youth ministry students.  She was back in town and wanted to bring her daughter Huntleigh by to see the boys.  We enjoyed our visit with them.
me, Ben, Cruz, Candice, and Huntleigh

We then drove into town to watch this little cutie play soccer.  We thought last week was her final game but it wasn't.  Cruz was excited about getting to go back to the field and play.

He spent most of the time playing soccer with our nephew Sawyer.

Cruz and his Aunt Robin

Afterwards we met some of David's family members and all traveled to Monticello to visit Swan Creek Farm. 
Our group photo 
I'll post more photos from our trip there later this week.

On Sunday morning we attended worship at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Hazlehurst with some of my family.  It was a great service with a focus on home and family.  I felt like it was just what I needed to hear.  Isn't God good like that!  At the end of the service the pastor called us down.  He talked a little about what we do, and challenged the church to pray for us regularly.  The whole church then came down and circled around us and prayed over us.  It was very touching and brought me to tears.  We left there very encouraged and feeling loved and appreciated for the work we do. 

We ate lunch at David's grandmothers house with his family.  They cooked another delicious meal for us. 
my plate
We had pork loin, sweet potato casserole, green beans, squash casserole, baked potato casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, rolls, and several desserts.  I pigged out as we like to say here.  It was delicious!

We went home to take a quick nap before David's dad and step mom arrived.  They visited in the afternoon and ate supper with us before returning home. 
I'll post more photos from their visit later in the week.

It was another full, fun-filled weekend and we enjoyed it very much!

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