Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This and That

I am finding that photos might be what motivates me to blog.  When I have pictures to share I am more apt to blog that when I do not.  With that said, I have taken very few photos over the last few days. 

Our weekend was quiet and laid back.  The highlight for me was going into Chiquimula on Saturday and getting to walk around the Megapaca.  Paca's are used clothing/ goods stores that are very common in many parts of Guatemala.  A few years ago they started opening mega paca's in Guatemala City and have now branched out into other areas.  This is our first time to live with one close by (if you consider 40 minutes close by).  Megapaca's are huge warehouse size stores with almost everything imaginable in them.  The majority of the things seem to be clothes, but you can find many, many other things as well.  Much of it is used but from time to time you can also find nice things new and still in the box.  I have stumbled across several great finds there.  I LOVE going and looking around.  I am obsessed with looking at the kids clothes and get so excited when I find them something "new".  If you drop things off at the "drop boxes" in the States, thank you!  A lot of it ends up down here and we get to purchase it for good prices. 

Afterwards we met new friends, Josh and Jessica Byrd, for lunch at McDonald's.  They are missionaries that live in Chiquimula.  We enjoyed having some fellowship time with them.  Josh is always so eager to pick Cruz up and play with him.  It makes us happy that he always takes up time with Cruz.  I think all parents like when someone spends fun time with their kids.  I forgot to get a picture of us.  Maybe I'll do it when we get together again.  They are from Alabama so it was fun being around others that speak our language (Southern). haha

We had plans to attend our Bibles studies on Sunday in the village of Nearar but after talking with the family on Saturday morning they thought it might be best if we took a week off and let things continue to die down a bit.  If you'll remember the last time we were there a man was killed while David was there teaching.  We still do not know a motive or more details (at least I don't).  Well, since then the brother of the man killed has become angry at the man where we have our study.  He feels that the man has brought a curse on the village by allowing the evangelicals to come in.  He feels it is his fault that his brother had to die.  He made some threats to him, but to our knowledge nothing else has taken place.  Hopefully some time to cool down is all that is needed.  We really need to go this week and meet.  It will be our last Sunday before we take a month off to go to the States.  Pray for peace to come to this area.  Pray for the family of the one killed.  Pray for the believers to stay strong in their faith.  Pray for us as we continue to go and be a witness there.

David spent Monday and part of Tuesday with our friends David and Glynis Miller visiting two areas where they are looking to partner an American church with a Guatemalan church.  He did not take any photos but some of the others did.  I'll try to share that tomorrow. 

Ben has turned into the worst sleeper/ eater ever and has just about completely exhausted me by lack of sleep.  I am trying to make a few changes to our routine and praying it works.  Lack of sleep- another reason I haven't blogged much lately.  I'm tired y'all.  Tired! 

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