Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singing In The Rain

Sunday we had plans to do two Bible studies in the village of Nearar.  We have one currently going and had plans to begin a new one that day as well.  The two houses are on opposite sides of the road/ mountain so we will meet with them separately.  Shortly before we were to leave our house for the first study the people called to tell us they would not be home.  They needed to go into town to buy some supplies and could not meet.  We were a little bummed.  Then I remembered that I had been up with Ben at 8:00 p.m., 11:30 p.m., 3:00 a.m., and 6:00 a.m., not to mention that Cruz got up at around 5:40 a.m.  I was completely exhausted.  I rejoiced over getting to squeeze in some extra rest that morning instead.

Soon after lunch we loaded up and headed out to the village.  It was not raining when we left, but I could see dark clouds in the distance.  I made sure we had umbrellas just in case.  We did not get five minutes down the road before it started raining.  It rained on us all the way there and continued as we hiked to the house.  The hike to the new place is much shorter than the place we go to in the mornings, and not quite as strenuous.  I am thankful for that, but when you mix in the rain it made it very slick, wet, and muddy. 
Ben and I on the trail

The people we are meeting with are new believers.  At the recent medical clinic we helped out with some of the team did door to door visits.  While visiting in this particular home a few of them prayed to receive Christ.  Our job will be to help follow-up on that with home visits, Bible studies, and discipleship.  Pray for these new believers, and for us as we begin to work with them.
These are two of the new believers.  We are meeting in their home.

When we arrived we were greeted by a large crowd of kids.  They were very happy to see us, and especially see Cruz and Ben.  The family offered us something to drink.  It was a corn drink called atol.  Usually we are served in a mug.  Instead they brought out a large bowl that we normally would use for water to wash our hands.  It was large and full!  Seriously it could have fed at least four people.  They also gave us a few pieces of boiled corn.  We were humbled by their hospitality and generosity.  It made us a little sad though to see so many kids around who were most certainly hungry and they were giving us such an enormous amount of their food.  Hunger needs are huge in this part of Guatemala.  It is unlike any of the other areas we have worked in before. 

We spent a while just talking and visiting before David began to teach.  After his time of sharing we sang a few songs, and closed in prayer.  They seemed very happy that we had come.  Ben sat with us during the study time and Cruz ran around with a few of the kids.  They used a medicine syringe and kept filling it with water to squirt each other.  They had a blast playing and when it was time to leave Cruz did not want to go.  Sadly I think he would have let us leave him there, haha. 
A few of the ones who were there. 
When I saw their faces I remembered the two ladies from the medical clinic.  They definitely remembered me and the boys.  I had taken a picture of one of them (the lady in red) with Ben and she asked me about it.  We looked back and found it on my camera.  It made me smile to know that she was one of the ones who's family had accepted Christ. 

She asked to take another photo with Ben but this time wanted me in it too.  Just before taking the picture she looked down and realized she did not have shoes on.  She made us wait so she could go get some and then take the picture.  David told her he would cut our legs out, but she insisted on "being dressed".   So funny!

Here's the original picture I had taken of her and Ben. 

It had stopped raining for most of the study time, but just before we left the bottom fell out (as we like to say back home).  It stormed!  We left the house hiking back up the mountain in the pouring down rain and by the time we reached the car we were completely drenched.  It never phased either of our kids.  Cruz thought it was fun.  It sure made for a good memory, and is probably something we'll laugh about- one day. 

Before we left we made plans to return next Sunday.  We are already looking forward to going back.  Pray for us as we prepare this week to return and share with them again.

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