Monday, September 17, 2012

Ben's 5 Month Update

Our little Ben is 5 months old!
*   He weighs a little over 14 pounds
*   He wears size 3-6 month clothes
*   He wears size 2 diapers
*   He wears size 2 shoes
*   He has blue gray eyes
*   His hair is light brown and is starting to fall out.  He has one strip in the middle of his scalp and a strip
     across the back of his head.  All of the center is about gone.  We are waiting to see what color it is
     going to return.   

*    Most of the past month he wanted to eat every 3-4 hours around the clock.  It was like having a 
      newborn all over again.  It made for some long days for me.  He also was not sleeping and napping 
      like before.  Thankfully, the last three nights he has started going longer stretches at night (5-7 hours)
      and is napping much better during the day.    
*   We recently moved him into his crib at night and he is sharing a room with Cruz.  
*   We are grateful that he will sleep most anywhere.  He likes to be on his side when he sleeps.  He 
     usually takes an afternoon nap on the couch while watching t.v. with his daddy.
*   He still sucks his thumb when he gets sleepy.
*   He likes to hold something in his hand (a blanket, burp cloth, toy, etc.) when he goes to sleep.

*   He is still nursing exclusively.
*   He is noticing the world around him and gets easily distracted when time to eat.   He would much rather
     look around than do anything else.
*   He likes to look in the mirror at himself and will just laugh and smile.
*   He can grab toys and hold them in his hand.
*   Most everything goes straight to his mouth these days.
*   He likes playing in his Baby Einstein activity center.  He loves chewing on all of the toys.

*   We had his hearing checked this past month because he was not responding to sounds like we thought 
      he should be.  Thankfully, everything checked out fine.  He is responding much better now.  
*   He loves watching Cruz and laughing at him.  If Cruz is around nothing else gets his attention. 
*   He found his feet recently and loves to play with them and put them in his mouth.
*   He loves playing "peek-a-boo" 
*   He can sit with assistance.
*   He is a good roller.

*   For the most part he is a happy baby.  But, there are times when he can get so crabby!   Especially
     if he is hungry or sleepy.
*   He loves being with his mama! 
*   We are already noticing that he is not as friendly/ outgoing as his brother (that's not necesarily a bad
     thing, haha).  He's not crazy about strangers, and will not let just anyone hold him.  It just depends on
     what kind of mood he is in.
*   He likes being held upright and facing outward.  He likes being able to look around.  He loves being held
     and walked around.
*   He seems to get nervous in crowds.
*   He notices now when we enter the room and leave the room.  One makes him happy and the other
     makes him sad.

He is growing and changing so fast! 

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Ben!
You bring a smile to our faces.

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