Friday, August 10, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

It has been quite a week around our house.  Ben is in a growth spurt which means he is wanting to eat every 1-2 hours.  He is waking up in the night wanting to eat, and not sleeping near as well as before.  He wants to be held, and will not let you sit down with him.  I am tired just from walking the floors with him.  He has gone from being the sweetest, easiest baby to a terribly cranky one.  I am hoping this passes soon and he will return to his normal self.

David tested positive for dengue fever this week.  He has been sick since last Saturday.  Having had it myself a few years ago I know how he feels and believe me, it's not fun.  It has been terribly hard having him sick, and not being able to help me.  I have been trying to carry the load for both of us and it has been exhausting.   Please pray for him to get well soon.

On Tuesday Cruz fell and cut his forehead.  We had to take him to the ER for stitches.  We called the Lubeck's and they told us where to go.  Their son-in-law is a doctor at Memorial Hospital in Chiquimula.  She called him and let him know we were on our way.  He met us at the door when we arrived and ushered us right on in.  He started cleaning the wound right away, and once Cruz was given anesthesia he sewed him right up.  It took very little time and was a much smoother, easier process than his first stitches.  They let us stay with him until right before they sewed him up and then called us right back to be with him while we waited for him to wake up.  Cruz did very well throughout the whole ordeal.  His first words to me when he woke up were "down, please".  He was already wanting to go at it again.  He pointed to everything in the ER room and asked me "what dis, mama".  He got so restless I was afraid he was going to fall off of the table and hurt himself again before we could get out of there.  As we were leaving he told the nurses "hasta luego" (see you later).  I told him not to say that because we did not want to have to come back and see them again, haha.  The nurses laughed.   We will be returning though on Monday to have his stitches taken out.  Pray that it goes well.  Here are a few photos I took of him there-
I took this photo right before we left our house. He had been running and slipped down.  His head hit the edge of a concrete step.  He cut it in the exact same place as he did before. 

Holding him while we waited for the anesthesiologist to get there.

This was after he got his stitches and before he woke up.  We joked that the anesthesia just fully recharged his little batteries because he was a wild child the rest of the day.


Times like this just hurt this mama's heart to the core.  I am going to have to toughen up if I am going to survive raising two boys!

That's the face I was looking forward to seeing!  He's a trooper.

I love the expressions on his face in the next two photos.  There is seldom a dull moment when he is around.

If you didn't notice that big white bandage on his head you would not even know he had been hurt.  He has not slowed down one bit.  He loves to retell us about how he fell, show us where his head hit, and tell us about what he experienced at the hospital.  He seems a little proud of his experience and we are thankful he took it so well.

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