Friday, August 17, 2012

Medical Clinic in Nearar

We spent the first part of the week helping with a medical clinic led by fellow IMB missionaries David and Glynis Miller.  It was held in the village of Nearar.  This is the same village where we are leading a Bible study on Sundays.  We know of one family that accepted Christ there this week and we hope that soon more will as well.  Pray for our study time and that more people would be interested in coming.
this is the house where the clinic was held

a few of the crowd waiting to see the doctor

I sat down to try to talk to some of the ladies.  The baby in the blue dress is nine months old.   Ben and her were about the same size.  They just kept staring at each other.  It was really cute.

The ladies enjoyed getting to hold him (when he would let them).  This girl asked me where my older kids were.  I told her I only had the two.  She looked at me real funny and said  "pero tu tienes muchos años".  In translation- you're old!  haha  I laughed it off and explained to her that we waited fourteen years for God to give us kids.  Most Guatemalan women my age are grandmothers. 

David, Cruz, and Reyes. 
We have our studies at Reyes's house.

Cruz had a great time running around and playing.  He chased ducks,

he swept the dirt floors,

and enjoyed his first Guatemalan popsicle.  That would be kool-aid frozen in a sandwich bag.  He loved it!  On another note, he wants to wear that horse shirt all the time, and I usually just let him.  It is definitely his favorite. 

I helped Glynis count pills for the pharmacy.  I am starting to notice that most every picture I have taken lately has me with a burp cloth over my shoulder.  I don't even realize it is there anymore.  I love motherhood!

Glynis, Ben, Cruz, and I

Ben napping in the back of the car one morning.

The kids and I would go in the mornings.  David would take us home mid-day and then he would go back in the afternoons.  We enjoyed getting to be out with the people and having fellowship with the team.  We are happy that we got to be a small part of what they were doing.

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  1. Hi from AL and the Beckhams

    We enjoy your blog so much. These pics of the clinic outreach really bring back to us the wonderful memories of ministering to the dear people of San Raphael in 2010.

    We pray the Lord to bless your family as you seek to lead these dear people to the Savior.


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