Monday, August 13, 2012

How Things Are Going

It has been very low key around our house the last couple days.  We have been taking it easy letting David get well.  He was fever free for most of the weekend, but has a rash on his hands and feet that itches him terribly.  We are praying that this part of the sickness passes quickly! 

We have finally started receiving some rains.  For the past three straight days we have had thunderstorms in the afternoons with lingering rain into the night.  It brings with it much cooler weather also.  The mornings and mid-days are still hot but it gets cooler when the rains come.  It has been so dry and dusty lately so we are welcoming this change in weather.

We were not able to attend Bible study in Nearar on Sunday because David was not up to it.  We missed going!  Hopefully we can return next week.  There will be a team there this week led by fellow missionaries David and Glynis Miller.  Pray for them and the work that they will be doing especially that it would open doors for more to start attending the Bible study times on Sunday.  We plan to join them some during the week. 

Another fellow missionary, Kimberley, had a birthday on Sunday.  We invited her to eat lunch with us.  She is a single missionary lady from Canada who lives in the apartment above us.  Even though she hears our kids screaming and crying all the time and I felt like she would rather spend her day anywhere but at our house, haha. I invited her anyway because I wanted her to have some company on her special day.  I had Cruz color her a card.  We ate our meal (chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole, carrot souffle, English peas, bread, and chocolate chess pie).  She got to eat on our celebration plate.  We put a candle in her pie and sang Happy Birthday to her.  I hope it made her feel a little extra loved.  She has two grandsons.  One is two years old and named Cruz (imagine that) and the other is just a week older than Ben.  She's a great neighbor and friend.
Cruz and Abby (that is what she likes the kids to call her)

Cruz gets his stitches out today.  Pray it goes well.  Also this week we will be joining Dan and his Honduran helpers on a return trip to the village of Lagunetas to make some visits.  Pray for open doors to be made on that trip as well.   

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