Tuesday, August 14, 2012

He's Stitch Free, For Now

On Monday we took Cruz back to Chiquimula to have his stitches removed.  We had been explaining to him what was going to happen and by the time we arrived he was telling us what they were going to do.  He was even excited.  The doctor had told us we didn't need an appointment.  He said just come back sometime on Monday.  We got there around 9:00.  I looked at my watch when we were getting out of the car and then glanced back at it when we returned to leave.  It only took a total of 12 minutes to walk inside, get the stitches out, say our good-byes, and return to the vehicle.  I like that kind of service!!!
I took this photo of his stitches on Sunday night.

a closer view

On Monday morning before we left he spent some time in his car.  He was "going to the doctor".  

He just had to wear his boots.
We went back to the same room as before and the nurses got right to work on him.  They first cleaned the area really well and then started removing his stitches.  They took off the criss cross tape first.  Cruz sat very still for that part.  He closed his eyes and would not open them for anything.  It looked like it might be painful to me, but he took it well.  

They then began cutting and using the tweasers to pull the stitches.

He was not a fan of that part.  He said "hurt" a couple times.  He only cried until they finished.

After we left we stopped by one of Cruz's favorite places in town, Los Laurelles.  This is the place that has the mini zoo and lots of horses (it also has a good steak house but we didn't visit it).  When we pulled in the drive Cruz started saying "horses, cowboys".  He got very excited.  We thought it would be a fun stop for him before we returned home.   
This is the only photo I was able to take of his front side.  The rest were back and side shots.  He did not stay very still long enough to get any more.  He went from one animal to the next saying what they were and making the sound they make (if he knew it).  He loves animals!

He would bend over like this and say "hey goat" or "hey horse" to greet the animals.  He would also usually wave at them.  The workers got a big laugh from it.

The highlight of his day (and probably his week) was getting to sit on and "drive" this tractor.  He loved it!!!

"gobble, gobble, gobble" he said to the turkey's

hmmm... what next?

He always enjoys himself when we take him there.  It's free, and just a fun place to visit.  We stopped by the little store they have and bought snacks and cold drinks for the ride home.  When we returned he played a little while, ate lunch, and then he took a wonderful 3 hour afternoon nap.  That was my favorite part of the day, haha.

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