Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ben's 4 Month Update

 Our sweet little Ben is 4 month's old!
When he smiles his whole face just lights up and our hearts overflow with love.  He is a treasure!
*   He weighed 12.8 two weeks ago when he went in for vaccines.  He has a check-up later this week.
*   He wears size 2 diapers
*   He wears size 3 month clothes
*   His hair is light brown and starting to thin out 
*   His eyes are blue/ gray
*   He is long and lean

*   He quit taking a pacifier recently but still sucks his thumb.  He usually only does it when going to sleep.
*   He rolled over for the first time at 3 months and 10 days old
*   He is a big smiler.  He grins a lot and will often chuckle out loud.  David and I can make him laugh but nothing like his big brother.  He thinks Cruz is the funniest person around. 
*   He loves for Cruz to talk to him, and play with him.  If Cruz is in the room Ben watches him the whole time.  He loves his big brother and his big brother LOVES him.

*   We survived the four month growth spurt, but barely.  Oh my, it was tough.  It lasted almost two weeks.  He went from sleeping nearly 10 hours straight every night (from about 6 weeks old) to waking up to eat every 2-4 hours at night again.  He would eat every 2 hours or so during the day and wanted to be held all the time.  He would not let you sit down and hold him.  He liked for you to be up walking around.  His eating times are spacing out more now but he is still not sleeping as well at night. 
*   He takes good naps during the day.  He prefers to nap more in the mornings and then be awake a while in the afternoons.  He'll take a late day nap. 
*   He usually gets a bath around 7:00.  He nurses, and then is most always asleep for the night by 8:00.
*   He is still nursing exclusively and doing well with it.
*   He does not like cover on him.  He always kicks it off.  This includes my nursing cover.  It drives him crazy.  This makes it harder for me to feed him when we are away from home.

(he usually smiles with his mouth wide open like this)
*   He is most always a happy boy, but he does have his moments.  He can throw a fit like the best of them!  When he is happy, he's happy.  When he gets mad, he is mad!  Many times before he cries he will poke his bottom lip way out.  It is the cutest sight, but lets us know that something not so cute is coming. haha
*   He made his first trip to the beach recently.  We visited the Pacific Coast of Guatemala to celebrate his daddy's birthday. 
*   He likes to be in his bouncy seat and his swing.  He usually takes at least one nap a day in his swing.  He also recently started sitting up in his Bumbo chair. 
*   He has started wanting to sleep with something in his hand such as a burp cloth or blanket.  This is in addition to having his thumb in his mouth. 

Before we had him we wondered how we could ever love two kids.  Everyone says it just happens and it does.  The day he was born my heart expanded, and God filled it with an overflow of love for this perfect little gift he gave to us.  We are so happy that he joined our family.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.
Happy 4 Month Birthday,
May you never doubt that you are loved!

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