Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back On The Trail

After missing two weeks due to having dengue fever, David was able to return to the village of Nearar this past Sunday to lead a Bible study.  He was excited about going back!  He still has some fatigue and since it is a pretty good hike to and from there we thought it might be best if the kids and I stayed home.  David has to carry Cruz some of the way and we felt he might not be up to that just yet.  It makes me sad to not get to go, but I knew it was best this time.   I wish we could meet at a place that was easier to get to, especially with two kids. 

They had the study at the house we have been meeting in.  Afterwards they fed David a homemade rice drink and then he and Reyes hiked to another house with plans to do another study.  After the medical clinic that some fellow missionaries led a few weeks ago there has been more interest in studying.  The only problem is the houses are spread out on opposite sides of the mountain.  It looks like they might want to do two separate studies.  If this is true it would be very difficult for the kids and I to go.  It would just be too long of a day for the kids.  What we might end up doing is having the original study at the normal morning time.  David would come home, eat lunch, and rest a moment.  He would then return and do the second study in the afternoon.  If this happens the kids and I could attend at least one of them.  As of now we do not know what will take place, but we will keep you posted as we know more.  Pray for wisdom in making decisions about this. 

We mentioned a few weeks ago about them building a place to meet in.  They have started some of the construction and David took a few photos of it while there.

We will post more photos of the progress as they complete more.

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