Saturday, August 4, 2012

Auto Safari Chapin

On Wednesday of this week we visited the Auto Safari Chapin.  It is south of Guatemala City.  David and I had been there once before back in June 2007.  We thought it was a cool place and knew we would like to return one day.  Since Cruz loves animals we decided to take him by there on our way to the beach.  We had been telling him for a few days what all he was going to see and he was quite excited by the time we arrived. 

Once you arrive you pay your money, they give you a map, and then you begin the tour.  Here is Cruz navigating our drive, haha.  Each area has a separate gate and you drive your car through each one to see the different animals.  You can leave your windows rolled down for most of the tour.  It is only when visiting the lions that they ask you to roll them up and use caution.

Cruz looking out the window at the zebras.  We bought him a toy zebra at the gift shop as a souvenir.

Seeing these zebras made us think of Madagascar 2.  We love that movie!

and this hippo too.  We started dancing and singing "I like to move it" when we saw him.

He enjoyed himself!  He asked us a thousand times, "what dat, mama?", "what dat, daddy?".  It amazed us how he could spot things.  There was not much he missed.

Cruz and me looking at the tigers.  We would both growl really loud and it made David so nervous.

Shortly after this the batteries in my camera died!!!  How could I have let that happen?  I was just sick.  I missed getting several more photos I would have enjoyed having.  After the tour is over you can park your car and there is another zoo that you can visit.  That part is like a normal zoo with animals kept in cages.  There is also a lake and a boat tour.  They have some playground equipment.  They have a restaurant and a nice swimming pool as well.  There is a lot you can do while there.  I asked the restaurant to charge my batteries while we finished our time there and then got them back after we ate our lunch.  The only other photo I took was a family photo before leaving.  It was in the same spot that David and I took a photo on our first visit there.

Our family at the Auto Safari August 2012

Our family at the Auto Safari June 2007 
I do not think our minds could have grasped then what all lie ahead for us in the next few years.  God is Good, all the time.  All the time, God is Good.  We are thankful for how He has blessed us and we love just celebrating being a family with simple fun trips like this one.

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