Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 2012 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  I did not realize how many people we had visited with recently until I looked back over my calendar.  During July we had a visit from Alan and Melodie Lyons.  We also had a visit with David and Glynis Miller, Wendall and Jane Parker, and Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire. We had our friends the Bentley's over to celebrate the Fourth of July and also to kick off the 2012 Olympics.  It's been fun having fellowship with others.  Also in July we attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for the Lubeck's.  What a joyous occasion that was!  We attended a birthday party for a little neighbor boy. Cruz had his first dentist appointment. Ben made his first trip over to Honduras and he rolled over for the first time!  Yes, it's been fun around here.
Ministry wise we are continuing to make weekly visits to the village of Nearar to lead a Bible study.  We have adults visit from time to time, but have started having a large group of children attend.  These kids like to sing so we have incorporated some praise time into our study.  We begin by singing and end with a song or two.  Please continue to lift up the village of Nearar, the one family of believers there, and the many who have yet to encounter Christ.  Pray for David as he prepares and leads each week.
Things are slow going in the village of Lagunetas.  David took a group of them over to Honduras mid-July to see the agriculture center there.  It was a good experience for them.  We will be returning next week with Dan and his helpers to visit some of their farms to see first hand how we might could assist them.  We would really like to start a work in this village.  Please pray for an invitation to lead a Bible study there.  There is no Evangelical work in this village.  We know that it is simply because some in the village do not want it, but we also know that God desires a relationship with these people.  Pray that we would patiently wait on Him to work in their hearts, and that we would continue to seek Him for direction on how to reach them.
We are thankful that God has opened doors for us to be in both of these villages.  We will continue to work in both as long as we have invitations to return.  Pray with us as we are seeking other areas that we could work in as well.  There are many villages that need the Gospel and we are praying that God would lead us to those areas.
Thanks for praying!  We depend on your prayers everyday. 

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