Wednesday, August 8, 2012

39 And Holding

Last week we celebrated David's birthday with a little getaway down to the Pacific Coast.  We had not been there since 2010 when Cruz was just a few months old.  You can click HERE to read about that trip.  This was Ben's first trip to the ocean and we were very excited to take him.  We had a great time although restful and relaxing it was not.  Traveling with two small kids is a lot of work.  It completely wore us out, but the memories we have from it we wouldn't trade anything for.
Our day started with a few wake up balloons.  Cruz loved it!  David not so much, haha.

We walked down to the beach a few times and enjoyed views like this. 

We played in the sand.  Guatemala has black sand beaches.

We swam in the pool.

We took a few family photos (my favorite part of any trip).

We put our feet in the ocean.

We played, laughed, and just enjoyed being together.

We ended the day with cake and Cruz helped David blow out his candle. 

I love birthdays, and enjoy celebrating them as a family.  It is a time to reflect on where we are in life, where we have been, and where we are going.  It's a time to thank God for the wonderful life he has given us, and to look forward to what lies ahead in the year to come.

Happy Birthday, David.  You are a wonderful, helpful husband, and an incredible dad to our boys.  We love you!

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