Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visiting With The Stoudenmire's

We recently enjoyed getting to spend some time with some former missionary friends of ours Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire.  They are in Guatemala leading a volunteer team from their home church in Thomasville, AL.  Where they are staying and working this week is only about an hour away so we drove over on Sunday afternoon to meet up with them.  It has been almost two years since we have seen them in person.
David, Cruz, me, Ben, Laurelle, and Allen

Laurelle seeing a grown up Cruz and meeting Ben for the first time

We joined them for an afternoon service in a village that they have been working in for many years.  They have a team of 42 people so we were a large group going to church together.
Cruz loved the praise and worship time.  This is him standing in the aisle watching the praise team lead us.

David's hands got in the way in this photo but I still love it.  This is Cruz clapping and singing with the music.  He would even do a little dancing every now and then, haha.

David and Bro. Rolando 
He is the pastor of this church.  He is also one of the pastors that went visiting with David last Friday to see some of the unreached areas where we live.  We hope to get to work with him more in the future.

After the service and while everyone was visiting Cruz went up on the stage and had a ball playing the drums.  He loves music!

We went back to the hotel and David and Cruz took a little swim in the pool while we waited on supper.

He is like a fish when it comes to water.

We spent the next morning in a village with them as they kicked off their week of Vacation Bible School.  We have never been involved in any type of VBS here so it was interesting to see how they did it.  Cruz had fun running around and playing. 

Cruz, me, Laurelle, and Ben

Allen, me, and Ben

We plan to see them one more time before they return home to the States.  We have missed them dearly since they left the mission field, but have many great memories to remember of our times together.

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