Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under The Big Top

David traveled three days straight last week.  That left the kids and I at home for three long, straight days.  Saturday was his first day to have nothing to do.  I felt bad about asking him to get out of the house, but I knew that Cruz and I both would like to go somewhere.  We had visited the circus in Chiquimula a few weeks ago and loved it.  On our last trip into Chiquimila we noticed that it was still there and that they were advertising everyone enters for 10 Quetzales.  That's just a little over a dollar a person.  It was the last weekend so we decided to go back to the 4:30 show. 

We got to town a little early so we could get me a frozen fruit smoothie.  It is a treat that I always enjoy when we go to town.   As we were about to enter the circus guess who we saw?  The McIntyre family!  They are the family that we went to the circus with the first time.  They also decided at the last minute to take their kids back.   It made us smile to see them and we all sat together and enjoyed the circus again.  That too was a treat.

group photo

One of Cruz's favorite things about the circus- the horse.  He had a monkey riding on his back.

The kids getting their groove on during intermission. 

Mary Kathleen enjoyed playing with Ben.  He would smile so big for her.

They have two big snakes that they bring out and let the kids come down to pet. 

Mary Kathleen volunteered to hold the snake.

Ben watching the circus. 
 My favorite thing about this photo is his big toe.  He is not too crazy about us playing with his feet so he keeps both big toes raised like that all the time.  We say it's his defense mode.  It makes us laugh.

As we were getting ready to leave we noticed Cruz had wandered off (as usual) and we saw him over by the entrance gate talking with one of the circus dancers.  We joked that he was getting her number, haha.  He rarely meets a stranger.

Afterwards we all went to McDonald's for supper.  We ate and let the kids play for a while.  We had a fun evening!

I took this video when we returned home.  When David opened the door to get Ben out of the car, he started giggling.  He was laughing so much I could not help but get my camera out and film him.   He makes my heart happy!  It reminded me of one of the many videos we have of Cruz laughing.

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