Sunday, July 29, 2012


I haven't blogged much lately mostly due to the fact that I received a message from blogger saying that my space was running out.  I have been trying to decide what to do about it and think I am back up and going for a while.  We'll see.

The highlight of our week was Ben rolled over.  We had been watching him for a while and knew it would not be long.  Oh, how I am not ready for him to get mobile!  Here's a little video of him in action-

Wednesday of last week we made a follow-up visit to the village of Lagunetas.  It was our first time to visit there since their trip over to Honduras.  They had not yet met and discussed the trip with the village as a whole so we told them to try to get that done and we would be back in two weeks to visit again.  We also gave them some dates that we plan to return there with Dan and his guys from Honduras to take a closer look at some of their land.  We plan to do that in mid-August.

When we left there we took the long way home.  We did it mostly just to get out of the house some and also to just enjoy the beautiful scenery in our part of Guatemala.  We love living in the mountains again!  We drove over to the town of Olopa and stopped for a while.  We walked through the local market, and had lunch at a local fried chicken place.  The market was full of black rubber boots.  We have been wanting to buy Cruz a pair and thought it would be a good time to do that.  He squealed when he realized he was getting boots.  He sat down in the road, pull his socks and shoes off, and started grabbing boots.  He has been beside himself ever since and has hardly taken them off.  Here is a collage I made of him when we got home-
As soon as we got home he went into his room, grabbed his red fireman's hat, his play hammer, and took off.  He played hard all afternoon.  He loves hats and shoes!

Friday night we had friends over to celebrate the opening of the Olympics.  We grilled hamburgers for team USA, and I made a taco dip for the Latin teams.  I also made a cake decorated in the Olympic theme-
We had a fun night!

Saturday was a lazy day at our house.  I made this peaches and cream French toast for breakfast.  It was yummy!
We had missionary friends James and Joy come over with their guitar to teach us a few Spanish praise songs.  There have been several kids starting to come to the Bible study on Sunday's in the village of Nearar.  A few of them have begun leading music.  We sing with no instruments and I love the simpleness of it.  Because we have never worked in Spanish ministry we do not know the songs.  We had our friends come over to try to help us learn some so that we could participate.  Cruz has been going around singing "Alabare" ever since.  He loves music!

Sunday morning we had a good Bible study in Nearar and I will post about that next.  This week we have a birthday in our family (David) so we will be taking a little family fun getaway to celebrate.  We love birthday's around here and look forward to celebrating them big.

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