Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cruz's First Trip To The Dentist

On Tuesday we drove into Guatemala City.  Cruz had his first trip to the dentist.  We had been telling him for a few days about what would happen when he got there.  He was pretty excited by the time his appointment came around. 
He ran right up to the elevator and pushed the button.  He's such a big boy these days!

Our pediatrician referred us to this clinic.  It was very nice!  It is on the 9th floor of the building and had some beautiful views of Guatemala City (although you cannot tell it from this picture).  I always enjoy a good view.

Cruz and David playing before we went back

me and my sometimes sweet boy

At one point he stopped exploring just long enough to sit down and read a page or two.  It didn't last long.

When they called his name he went back, climbed into the chair, and acted like he had done it a thousand times before.  We were all amazed at how still and cooperative he was- especially the doctor.  The child before Cruz had screamed THE WHOLE TIME.  We were very proud of him for how well he did.  He laid there and would not move for anything.  He also closed his eyes and would not look.  It made us laugh.  I had talked to him beforehand and told him that he needed to be still and  not move.  He must have taken me seriously, haha.

The doctor began by checking all of his teeth.  He said they looked really good.  

He then cleaned his teeth.  I thought Cruz would be afraid of the machine, but he was not.  He let the doctor clean every tooth.

I love this photo of him holding his daddy's hand!  Sweet!

What was little Ben doing while Daddy helped Cruz and I took pictures?  He sat quietly in the corner and every now and then chuckled out loud. The doctor and nurse thought he was just precious. We think so too.

Cruz with his dentist and the assistant. 
He looks like he is in pain, but this is just his new way of smiling.  It drives me nuts!!!

On our way back down to the parking garage we stopped by a local coffee shop for coffee and a frappe.

We treated Cruz to a frozen strawberry yogurt topped with gummy bears.  He loved it!  He and David have been sharing a lot of gummy bears lately. 

My cheesy little man and his yummy dessert. 

He will go back in six months for another cleaning.  We are hoping it will be just as easy and enjoyable as his first trip was.  My baby is growing up!

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