Monday, July 23, 2012

Celebrating 50 Years

On Saturday night we were invited to attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for John and Diana Lubeck.  They are the Bible translation team who have been working in the Chorti language for many, many years.  They are a precious couple, and we are thankful to now have them in our lives.  They set such a wonderful example of a Christian home and marriage.  They are truly a blessing to all who know them! 

The event was held in Chiquimula and was set to begin at 5:30.  They had praise music followed by a two hour service and then a formal meal.  We knew that would be too much for us to try to do at night with our two small kids so we only stayed for a short time, and then slipped out.  I would have loved to have seen the whole service.  I know it was lovely. 

We did get a quick photo of them before the service began.  They both looked really nice.
Mr. John and Mrs. Diana

One of their cakes
I loved the two "older" people sitting on top.  It was cute.  I also loved seeing their wedding pictures.  She had her wedding dress displayed on a mannequin also.  Everything was very beautifully decorated!

I pray that the Lord would allow us the blessing of celebrating 50 years of marriage one day.  That is something that I will be looking forward to.

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