Saturday, July 14, 2012

Building Relationships

David has had a busy week of traveling.  He has been able to be in several different areas this week which is good.  On Wednesday he took a group of twelve from the village of Lagunetas over to Honduras to visit the Chorti Baptist Development Project.  They enjoyed getting a tour of all the projects the center is doing and hopefully got a better idea of what types of projects we might could best help them begin in their village.

Dan explaining more about the program and how it works

touring the fields
We will give them some time to have a village wide meeting to discuss their trip and then we will follow-up with a visit to see them.

On Thursday David returned to the village of Nearar with Bro. Nahum.  This is the village we are going to on Sunday's to do a home Bible study.  They did some door to door visitation in several homes.  Please pray that others would have an interest in attending the Bible studies there.

On Friday he traveled with fellow IMB missionary David Miller to visit some unreached areas.  They took two national pastors with them.  Please pray these national pastors would catch a vision for these lost areas and would lead their churches to adopt and reach them.  While they were out traveling David's wife Glynis visited with me at home.  I enjoyed her company and fellowship.  We joined the group for lunch at a local restaurant in town before they left.

David Miller, Bro. Rolondo and his wife (from Zacapa), Bro. Fito (from Chiquimula), and David

On Sunday David will return to Nearar to teach a Bible story and then we will all travel to Zacapa to meet up with former missionary friends Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire.  They will be here hosting a volunteer team.  On Sunday afternoon we will all attend services at Bro. Rolondo's church.  We are looking forward to having fellowship with all of them.

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