Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brent's Birthday Party

Over the weekend we attended the 1st birthday party for a little boy who lives close by.  It was a Dora/ Diego themed party.  Cruz was soo excited when we told him we were going.  He still talks about his own party and mentions regularly his Elmo pinata and candy.  He associates all parties with three things- pinatas, candy, and cake.  None of which he gets on a regular basis.  Oh yeah, and singing.  He loves singing!  Needless to say, he had a ball and was good and sugared up by the time we went home.  We treat birthday parties like free days and just let him have all he wants.  It is like a sugar buffet, and he loves it!
the cute little birthday boy

Brent and his daddy Gustavo playing with the Dora pinata

All of the girls (and Brent) with the Dora  pinata. 
They had two pinatas- a Dora for the girls and a Diego for the boys


most of the boys and Diego

My child is not shy when it comes to whacking a pinata.  He is like a wild man!

(actually he is not shy about much of anything, haha)

picking up the candy
He would squeal with excitement every time he got a piece, and run it over to me for me to see.

Brent blowing out his candle

Afterwards they put the child's face in the cake.  He was a good sport about it.

David and our boys

In addition to the cake we also ate chicken salad spread on tostadas.  It was very good!  We had a great time, and are thankful that there are other little kids around that we get to celebrate with.

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