Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breakfast With The Parker's

On Monday of this week we met dear friends Wendall and Jane Parker for breakfast.  They were in Guatemala for a week doing some outreach with a Kekchi mission near Coban.  We joined them as they were on their way back into Guatemala City to return home.  We also got to meet their daughter LeAnne.  We feel like we know her already but it was the first time for us to meet her face to face.  We had a good meal and a great visit with all of them. 

In case you do not know, Wendall and Jane are retired IMB missionaries.  They were our mentors during our first term on the mission field when we worked with the Kekchi.  We could not have learned more from anyone on how to love people and be mission minded.  They are missionary giants in our eyes! (and the eyes of many others as well).  They are just good hearted people who we are honored to call our friends.
David, Cruz, me, Ben, Mr. Wendall, Mrs. Jane, LeAnne, Brenda, and Brenda's daughter-in-law. 
Mrs. Brenda goes to church with the Parker's.  We first met her when she came to our missionary appointment service with them.  It was good to see her again as well.

Mrs. Jane and Ben
I LOVE how he is looking up and smiling at her.  He even senses what a sweet, precious lady she is. 

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