Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ben's Three Month Update

Our sweet Ben is three months old! 
He brings so much joy to our family and lives and we just adore him. 
*   He weighs around 12 pounds.  He is long and lean.
*   He has brown hair and blue/ gray eyes
*   He wears size 1 diapers
*   He wears size 0-3 month clothes

*   He is a very happy baby.  He smiles a lot and especially after eating.  He started laughing out loud this month.  He loves for us to talk to him and play with him.  He has a sweet smile!
*   He is a very easy baby.   Instead of us spoiling him, he is definitely spoiling us.  He eats well, sleeps well, naps well, travels well, etc.  He is just a good baby!  We hope it lasts forever, haha.
*   He has started sleeping through the night.  He will sleep on average about 10 hours straight.  After having a child that is a terrible sleeper, Ben is a breath of fresh air when it comes to sleeping.  He will nurse around 8:00 p.m. and we will lay him down while still awake and he will go to sleep on his own and sleep all night.  He takes several naps during the day as well.  He is the type when he gets sleepy he will fuss and just wants you to lay him down and leave him alone.  I love that!
*   He started sucking is thumb this month.   He mostly only does it at night.  That is when he started sleeping through the night so well.  I guess he wakes up and comforts himself back to sleep with his thumb.  During the day he will suck a pacifier at times.
*   He still nurses exclusively.  He is a fast eater and only has to nurse 10-12 minutes at a time.  During the day he eats about every 2.5 to 3 hours.

*   He does not like to have cover on him and will most always kick it off (Cruz is the same way still).
*   We love playing with his feet but he is not crazy about it.  He keeps both big toes raised as if it's his defense.
*   He keeps his hands close to his face especially when sleeping.
*   He is funny about how he is held and who holds him.  He seems to be a mama's baby and at times only wants mama to hold him.
*   He loves his swing and bouncy seat.  He will sit or lay just about anywhere we put him.  He also rides very well in his car seat. 
*   He enjoys his bath time and usually smiles the whole time I am bathing him.
*   He cries when he is hungry, needs a diaper change, and sleepy.  He can get m-a-d when we don't tend to these things fast enough.

*   This past month he got his first stamp in his passport.  We traveled over to Honduras for an afternoon.
*   He went on his first hiking trip through the mountains to visit a village. 
*   We went on our first family fun trip to Hotel Longarone to celebrate Father's day.
*   He went to the circus in Chiquimula two times.
*   He celebrated his first 4th of July at our home in Camotan.
*   He went on an overnight trip to Zacapa to visit friends.

He is precious in every way and we are very thankful that he is a part of our family.  We look forward to watching him grow and are praying that he becomes all that God would have him be.

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Ben!
We love you!

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  1. He's a cutie! And I think it's just in secondborn children's nature to be more easygoing than the firstborn! (praise the Lord!)


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