Monday, June 25, 2012

Prayer Requests and a Praise

Yesterday David traveled to the village of Nearer.  This is the village that he has been visiting on Wednesday's with the pastor from Honduras.  On their last visit there the family asked them if they would consider coming on Sunday's instead of Wednesday's because they felt like more people might be able to attend the Bible study if it were held on that day.  They all agreed to give it a try and this was the first Sunday to go. 

If you read our last newsletter you will know that I mentioned the fact that we have been struggling with not having a place to worship on Sunday's.  When I heard this family's request I felt like it was an answer to prayer!

Bro. Nahum was not able to go this week so David went alone.  He and the believer, Reyes, visited in a couple of homes before having the Bible study in Reyes home.  In addition to Reyes's family there were four other people in attendance.  David led the Bible study and then they served him a Ramen noodle lunch before he returned home.  He said he felt like it went very well, and he made plans to return next week.  The boys and I will plan to start joining him sometime in July as well.  Please pray for this family of believers who are inviting us to come and teach them, and pray also that others in the village will soon join them as well.

On another note, we heard back from the village of Lagunetas and they would like to make the trip over to Honduras to view the agriculture center.  We will be taking a small group (10-12) of them over there on Wednesday, July 11.  You can begin praying about that trip, and that the Lord would use it to help us form good relationships with the people from that village. 

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