Friday, June 22, 2012

Open Their Eyes, Lord

On Wednesday of this week we traveled to the village of Lagunetas to have a community wide meeting with the people to present our plans to begin a work there.  Dan Watson and his helpers from Honduras drove over to join us.  Dan did a presentation on his agriculture work in Honduras in hopes that the people would be interested in doing a few of the projects here in Guatemala.  The meeting was well attended and overall we were received very well.  We had a time of introduction.  Dan did his presentation.  We had a question and answer session.  We then discussed with the leaders about the next step we should take.  It was decided that we will take a small group of leaders and key people over to Honduras to see the Chorti Baptist Development Project there.  We gave them a few dates to look at and left it in their hands to get back to us about when they would like to go.  We plan to make that a day trip, and it should help answer any further questions they might have. 

I do not think we will have any problems beginning an agricultural project there.  The hard part is going to be incorporating Bible studies into it, and getting the people interested.  There is no evangelical work in this village, and I am sure there are some who have worked very hard to keep it out.  It is a large village and there are two other large villages on each side with no evangelical work.  This is a wide area with hundreds of families that we have the potential to reach.  Please pray with us as we seek the Lord to reach these precious families.  We want to help with their physical needs, but our main goal and intention is to reach them with the gospel.  Please pray specifically for the people in the village of Lagunetas that the Lord would begin to soften their hearts, and open their eyes to Him.

Views from the school where we had our meeting.  You can see some of the houses spread out along the mountainside.

Dan and David getting the equipment set up to do the presentation.

These little boys stayed close by and listened very well.  They could quite possibly be the future leaders in this village.  It would be wonderful if they could also be the future believers as well.

Dan doing his presentation.

A few of the crowd

A mother with her children standing off to the side listening in. 

David, Mauricio, Abondo, and Dan during the question and answer time.

Me and the boys

When we finished we drove back down the mountain and ate lunch together in Camotan before Dan and his help returned to Honduras.  We look forward with anticipation to starting a work together with them in this area.

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