Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Good To See You Again

We were excited about getting to return to Sayaxche to visit with our old friends there.  It was our first return trip since we moved back in January.  It was Ben's first trip to the Peten and everyone there was eager to meet him.  After checking in to our hotel our next stop was at the Oasis.  It is the coffee shop that we loved eating at when we lived there.  We were looking forward to some cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and nachos!  We were also looking forward to seeing the sweet girls that work there.
Cruz and Ben with Mayra and Normis

We were also very eager to visit our next door neighbors.  They have called us several times since we moved to check on us but mostly to check on Cruz.  I think they love him as much as we do, haha.  We were able to visit with them a couple of times during the week.  We miss them so much!  On our first stop at their house Cruz noticed our old house across the street and began crying hysterically to go there.  He wanted his toys.  We were not sure if he would even remember, but he did.  He was very sad.

We visited with our former landlord and his family as well.  They treated us like part of their family and we miss them too.

We went to see Edgar and Anita and also got to visit with Barbara Stoltzfus.  Anita has a birthing clinic at her house and delivers many babies.  She gave us an updated tour of the clinic to show us all the new improvements they had done.  It looks really nice.  We appreciated all of their friendships while we lived there, and have enjoyed keeping in touch with them since we moved.

We made a stop by the neighbor kids house (that is what we call it).  These are the kids that always visited our house.  They were all excited to get to hold Ben, but mostly enjoyed getting to see Cruz again.  We miss these kids.

We traveled home through Coban so we could visit with Ms. Fran.  We joined her for breakfast at McDonald's.

While there we also got to visit with Sergio.  He was our former helper and David's Kekchi tutor when we lived in Coban.  The good thing about moving a lot and living in many different parts of the country is that we have friends that we can enjoy visiting when we return to those areas.  It is always good to see them again!

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