Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Indigenous Encuentro 2012

As I have already mentioned we spent most all of last week in the town of Sayaxche attending the annual Indigenous Encuentro.  It took place at the Kekchi Baptist church in Sayaxche and was attended by about eight different people groups from several different Latin countries.  It was a great meeting.  Each group got to share about their work, the good they are doing, and the struggles they are having.  It was good for them to hear what others are doing and to learn from each other.  They had morning sessions, afternoon sessions, and worship services at night.  Here are few photos I was able to take-

back row Baptists, haha

This is Bro. Nahum from Honduras sharing about the Chorti work there.  He is the pastor that David goes visiting with on Wednesdays.

This group was from Mexico

I loved the colorful dress that the Mexico ladies wore.  I also like their head wraps.  You would not have to worry about having bad hair days if you lived with them. haha

a few of the Kekchi men during a small group discussion time

We had a session on Bible storying.  One of the stories told was about the lost sheep.  A lady decided to use Cruz as the sheep to act out the story.  She put him over her shoulder and carried him into the church.  It was really cute.

This is mostly the group from Mexico.  They are from Chihuahua, Mexico.

another photo of the colorful dress the Tarahumaras ladies wear

having a prayer time

Cruz had a lot of fun running around and playing.  You would think he personally knew everyone in the building.  He never meets a stranger and let everyone love on him.  He was so sweet.  This was our first road trip since having Ben.  I must say it went very well considering we had a two year old and a six week old.  Both boys traveled well, slept well, and ate well.  It normally takes us about seven hours to get there but took eight this time.  Cruz started running fever and threw up twice in the car.  It was a nasty mess, but we survived.  He was fine by the next day and you would never know he had been sick.  I am thankful for boys that travel well!

This is the group representing our area.  Four of the men are from Honduras and one is from Guatemala.  Next years meeting will take place in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  Bro. Nahum (on the far right) will be hosting it.  We will be looking forward to all gathering again for another good meeting next April.

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