Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Post 2

Below are a few photos of our swim time during our Father's Day outing.  We had a great time playing in the pool, and watching Cruz enjoy himself.  We laughed a lot.

The pool had one water slide that we took turns going down with Cruz.  He loved it, and would giggle the whole way down.  He called it the agua slide.  He will not say the word water.  He only says it in Spanish- agua.  He also said agua fall instead of waterfall.  Even when we would clearly say "Cruz that is called a waterfall"  he would look at us and say "agua fall".  It is entertaining hearing him try to communicate while learning two languages.  He is definitely speaking Spanglish these days. haha
David and Cruz waiting their turn to slide down


love that hair!

David doing a flip off the high dive.  Cruz got mad because we would not let him climb up and try it.  He is such a daredevil.

He did jump off the low dive several times and loved it.

Little Ben hung out pool side while we swam.  We would take turns sitting with him.


love him!

Below are a few videos of Cruz in the pool-

A few of the older kids were teaching him how to put his head under the water.  Every time he did it they would clap for him and say bravo.  It was not long before he was doing it and clapping for himself and saying bravo.  He was definitely the entertainment for everyone.  He would not close his mouth and there is no telling how much water he drank.  David is trying to teach him to close his mouth in the water.

We had a wonderful time celebrating as a family, and we made a lot of sweet memories together.  We are thankful to get to be called mom and dad and to get to celebrate holiday's like this now.  We are blessed!

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