Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Post 1

We began our Father's Day celebration on Saturday morning.  Usually when Cruz wakes up David will take him to the living room and they will watch cartoons until I get breakfast cooked.  I hung him a little banner that he would see when walking there.  I also had a gift waiting for him on the couch.  We had him a gift bag with a few of his favorite snacks.  It also included some coffee drinks, frappucchino mixes, and a bottle of his favorite chili sauce.  I baked him some peanut butter cookies and a chocolate chess pie.
David's banner

Cruz did a good job of coloring the letters.

Inside his bag were a few things we had made for him.  This was one of them.  It has Ben's hands and Cruz's feet. 

We also gave him this which he loved.  I plan to have it framed for him. 

I cooked French toast for breakfast and David ate it on our Celebration Plate.  I love using that plate on special occasions.

Afterwards we loaded the car and headed out on a little overnight adventure.  We traveled to Rio Hondo and stayed at the Longarone.  Many of the older missionaries have fond memories of times there.  They talk about it often and so we thought we would give it a try.  We had a fun time! 

We spent most of the early afternoon letting Cruz play on the playground.  They have a great play area for kids.  It was much too hot and sunny to get in the pool until later in the day.

We then swam until time for supper, ate, played a little more outside, and then called it a night.

David and the boys on Father's Day morning. 

We ate breakfast and then swam until time to check-out.  It was cloudy and overcast the whole day so that made it great for swimming.  The pool was my favorite thing about the place.  It was huge.  They also had a very large kiddie pool.  They had a water slide that we took turns going down with Cruz.  They had three diving boards.  It was fun, relaxing, and refreshing.  I will post photos tomorrow of our pool time.

Our family on Father's Day 2012

We came home and unpacked.  I cooked supper and we then enjoyed Game 3 of the NBA finals.  Our team, Miami, won!  It was a very fun weekend.

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