Monday, June 18, 2012

Cruz's Two Year Check-Up

Cruz recently had his two year check-up.  We traveled into Guatemala City to see Dr. Figueroa.  On our way to the clinic we stopped by a recently opened Dunkin Donuts. We bought several kinds to taste and they were all very delicious!  We will now be making that a regular stop on our trips into the Capital.  We love to see anything American.  It just makes us feel warm on the inside. 
This is a photo of Cruz before leaving for his appointment.  I cannot believe how big he is!

I like that he is big enough now to play with the toys in the waiting room.  We counted those beads and said the colors many times.  He loves toys like this.

He now weighs 28.10 pounds

He is 35 inches long

He acted very shy for the nurse and doctor.  I am not sure why because shy is not normally a word we use to describe our child.  He was very calm, very still, and just acted sweet.  The doctor even made mention that Cruz was a very calm child and a great patient.  We assured him that calm was not his normal.  I am glad that he did so well for the doctor and nurse because believe me he was terrorizing the place before they came in.  It is amazing how quickly they can change their actions!

He loves to play with the tongue depressors, cotton balls, and Q-tips at his appointments.

Me and my boys

Daddy and the boys

me and my big boy Cruz

getting checked out by Dr. Figueroa

He has no problem sticking out his tongue.  That is his favorite way to pose lately when I take his picture.

We had talked with him before we went about what to expect.  We told him all about how the doctor was going to look at his eyes, ears, mouth, stomach, listen to his heartbeat, etc.  I think that helped make the appointment go so well. 

He got a good check-up.  He seems to be growing and developing normally.  That is always a blessing to hear.  He got one vaccine and took it very well.   He was a good patient and that helped make our patience not run so thin, haha.  He is growing up fast and we are enjoying getting to watch him.

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