Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  It was slow paced, relaxing, and just plain enjoyable.  Ben and I slept in (well we slept until his next feeding, haha).   When I walked into the kitchen this is what I found-
A dozen roses, a gift, a homemade card (which I LOVE), and a drawing from Cruz. 

We make homemade cards for each other for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  I think it is something special we will enjoy having down the road.  This year Cruz was big enough to help out.  I love it!  It has Cruz's handprint, Ben's footprint, and David's thumbprint.  I like that David added his thumbprint.  He got that from the Kekchi.  For those who cannot write they will put their thumbprint instead.  It was a sweet reminder of the Kekchi people that we love and miss. 

My gift was this necklace that has the boy's names on it.  I love it!

David offered to cook breakfast for me, but I wanted to cook instead (crazy, I know).   While in Guatemala City we were able to watch The Today Show.  I saw one morning where they were making Crunchy Peanut Butter French Toast.  I made a mental note that I wanted to fix that for Mother's Day breakfast.   
I had a little help from Cruz.  I let him crush the Corn Flakes.

I knew he would think that was fun.

Here is the finished product.  I ate mine on our celebration plate that we use on special occasions.

For lunch David took me to a favorite place of ours outside of Chiquimula.  It is a steak restaurant, but also has horse stables and a small zoo.  We love taking Cruz there, and I knew it would be a fun place to eat for my day. 
Inside of the restaurant.  It is open air.  They had a marimba band there playing music and that made it very festive.  We shared steak and chicken, and had plently left over to take home.  We made quesadillas for supper.

Ben and I during lunch.  You can see Cruz in the background swinging.

My new love!

You can imagine Cruz's excitement when we told him we were going to see the horses.  We took his new cowboy hat for him to wear.  Here are a few photos of him while there- 

walking to the stables

He would say "hola horse" to every horse we saw, and then wave at them. 

There was one baby horse.

We need to get this boy some boots!

Our family on Mother's Day 2012

We walked around the zoo area, but I did not get any photos because I was holding Ben.  We came home and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We let Cruz play in the water for a while.  We all had an enjoyable day.  I am thankful for the blessing of our two boys  that allow me to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom. I felt very proud all day long!

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  1. What a wonderful post! And I can't believe you JUST had another baby- you look so good! =)

    What a beautiful family you are!


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