Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let's Picnic

One of the things we got Cruz for his birthday was a picnic table.  We had a local guy in town make it for him.  Because of the layout of where we live we thought it would be perfect for him to use to eat snacks, play, color, paint, work playdoh, etc.  We look forward to him (and Ben too) spending a lot of time sitting around it.
That face tells you how excited he was when he saw it.

Our first thought was to buy a Little Tikes picnic table for him.  We looked at several places in Guatemala City while we were there.  We could not find what we were looking for and everything we did see was terribly expensive.  At the last minute we decided to have one made.  I looked on-line at several samples and printed out three similar tables to take to the carpenter.  We gave him some general measurements of what we wanted and left it up to him to build.  It was supposed to be ready by last Monday or Tuesday.  We tried to give a few buffer days of when we really needed it.  David called Wednesday  morning and the guy had not even started on it yet.  I just about came unglued!  To say I was in a last minute panic would be an understatement.  He assured us that it would be ready.  David called again on Thursday and he said he was "working on it".  He said he would finish it and deliver it Friday morning to our house.  Well, Friday around noon David called again and the guy said he would deliver it that afternoon.   About six o'clock Friday evening the guy called and said it was ready but that we needed to come pick it up.  It was rainy, and he could not deliver it.  David headed out to pick it up.  I stayed home and held my breath not knowing just what he was going to come home with.  To be honest we were very pleased with how it turned out.  He did a great job on it despite it being at the last minute.  We lack staining it, but plan to do that soon.  Cruz loved it, and that really is all that matters.

He has already eaten a couple of meals, painted, colored, and used his playdoh there over the weekend.  The small kids sat there to eat during Cruz's birthday party also.

eating supper on Friday night

We think it was a great choice as a gift for him, and are glad that it worked out so well in the end.

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